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Attack of the Smurfs! (a.k.a naturally coloured soap Part 1)

Time for an update on our soapy adventures… The original soap making attempt using the Little Green Workshops kit worked a treat – the bars kept their lovely orange blossom scent, and gave a good lather with some poppy seeds … Continue reading

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Jesus can walk on water….

…but Chuck Norris can swim through land. Or so the saying goes. What does this have to do with anything? Well, we have some new (well relatively) additions to our chicken family, including our new rooster Chook Norris! Here he … Continue reading

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Bubble bubble toil and trouble!

When I first watched the movie Fight Club I was intrigued that the characters were able to make soap (and other more…um…explosive substances) so easily with just a few simple ingredients. To me, soap was something to add to the … Continue reading

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Viva La Ferment Fever – Part 2

It’s been a while coming—due to hectic ‘end of contract’ madness and trying to finish up at work, combined with family members jumping off moving bikes and fracturing elbows (!)— but I’m slowly getting back on track with our sustainability … Continue reading

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What colour green am I?

I recently read Kari McGregor’s ‘Shades of Green’ series of articles, which got me thinking – I’ve always thought of myself as being ‘green’, but what shade am I? In Part 1 of the series, Kari outlines 4 shades of … Continue reading

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‘Viva la Ferment Fever!’ Episode 1  

Sometimes you have more cabbages that you know what to do with, yet a month later they’re all gone and there’s a ‘hungry gap’ with no or very little veggies ready to eat. With this in mind, I’ve been looking into … Continue reading

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Starting our veggie garden

When we moved in, part of the back garden had been separated off and was paved with bricks. I think it was used as a basketball area and also had the washing line in. Whilst this was probably useful if … Continue reading

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