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Bubble bubble toil and trouble!

When I first watched the movie Fight Club I was intrigued that the characters were able to make soap (and other more…um…explosive substances) so easily with just a few simple ingredients. To me, soap was something to add to the … Continue reading

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What colour green am I?

I recently read Kari McGregor’s ‘Shades of Green’ series of articles, which got me thinking – I’ve always thought of myself as being ‘green’, but what shade am I? In Part 1 of the series, Kari outlines 4 shades of … Continue reading

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Starting our veggie garden

When we moved in, part of the back garden had been separated off and was paved with bricks. I think it was used as a basketball area and also had the washing line in. Whilst this was probably useful if … Continue reading

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…We’ve got fun n’ games

Indeed we do – in the form of broody chickens that insist on sitting in their nestboxes all day waiting for imaginary babies to hatch! We have a little flock of 5 chickens, consisting of two pekins (Rosie and Jessica … Continue reading

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Welcome to the jungle…

I guess I should start with some kind of welcome message and explain why I’m here and what I’m doing…. So, er… welcome! My name is Sam and I work as a research scientist in Melbourne, Australia (although I am … Continue reading

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